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Advancing Academic Development

Professor Jillian Hamilton

Director–Research Innovation and Impact: Learning and Teaching

Jillian Hamilton leads QUT's strategy for innovation in learning and teaching. Her leadership of academic development and success has been recognised by an AAUT citation, teaching excellence award, and program award. She is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy with research that encompasses frameworks and strategies for academic success, enabling and recognising sessional staff, and learning and teaching leadership.

Assoc Prof Marina Harvey

Director, Academic Development Services

Marina Harvey is Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an Australian National Teaching Fellow and has also received national and university citations for outstanding contributions to student learning. Her work in enhancing quality learning and teaching is underpinned by Participatory Action research, and focuses on quality learning and teaching with sessional staff, distributed leadership and reflection for learning in over 80 publications.

Dr Andrea Adam

Senior Lecturer, Learning and Teaching

Andrea Adam facilitates professional learning in higher education across her institution. She coordinates UTAS’ Foundations and Graduate Certificate programs, and has been the recipient of institutional and national learning and teaching awards. Her work focuses on enabling the growth of colleagues in higher education, including her peers in academic development.

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